Friday, November 25, 2016

Book review: 'Possibilities' by N. Turner Simkins

Possibilities is a moving account written by a father who tells the story of how his youngest son battled with leukemia. It is a beautiful and sincere book that causes us to think deeply about our own lives, however ordinary it may seem to be. Like life itself, little Brennan Simkin’s story is one of pain, tragedy, and grief, but in-between are redeeming moments of affection, love, and understanding.

As I read, I thought about how the worst of sufferings or helplessness brings out empathy from us. It is sad but true, that our humanity has become terribly detached, and our best qualities come out only when faced with overwhelming sadness. Maybe this was why Jesus had to die on the cross, and he still suffers in other forms like that of the innocent leukemic Brennan. He suffers also in the anguish and tears of Brennan’s parents and brothers as they try to cope with innumerous hurdles and give their all for the little child. Imagine how it feels to see your loved one fading away slowly and with unbearable pain. It is absolutely unfathomable to me and yet whenever I see Brennan Simkins’ photo on the book cover I can truly understand what it must’ve felt like. Now, I know how Mary must have felt when she was seeing her son suffering at Calvary. It must have taken a tremendous amount of simple faith to have gone through all the pain, as Simkins writes,

We have certainly learned that, like most things in life, faith must be used if it is to remain strong. As, rusty as it may have been, we could not have endured this year without it.

Possibilities is definitely a book about loving people. It will undoubtedly inspire the reader to love people, to see the Brennan in every child, to recognize Brennan’s parents in every parent, and to see the Simkins family in every family. The world needs more stories like that of Brennan’s, not that there should be more suffering, for suffering is unavoidable it seems, but that there should be hope within the pain, and an amazing and irresistible desire to live life and love to the fullest.

Turner Simkins has written a beautiful and sublime book in Possibilities. It is by no means an easy read due to the description of the numerous treatments that Brennan had to undergo. Still, it is a must read for its sheer impact in the heart of the reader. Reading this book will make you cherish life—every nanosecond of it.

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