Monday, October 31, 2016

Book review: 'Godlings' by Cy Chase

Godlings is a strange novel. It is supposedly a retelling of the creation story; I didn’t know what to expect other than that. The first few introductory pages left me confused as to what exactly was happening. There’s this female character called Erg who is talking with someone she calls ‘Papa.’ And then there’s this black ball thingy whom Erg calls ‘Mr Ball’ (duh!). Erg tries to talk to the ball, but the ball is... Well, it’s a ball! Honestly, I was left scratching my head. But I lumbered on—with mixed results.

There is very little here of what I would call ‘a narrative voice’; most of the writing is black and white. What we basically get is narrated action and a whole lot of animated conversation filled with scientific terminology from the two main characters. Erg is the ‘Eve’; she’s childlike, emotional, and quite untamed. Atom is the ‘Adam’; he’s gentle, strong, and very protective of Erg. The two struggle to grasp their roles in the new world. They try to deal with the absence of Papa. And it is not long before they fall in love (boom!) and develop a chemistry together. Whether the characters are likable or not, I leave that to you. Personally, I felt conflicted about the way both Atom and Erg try to 'contribute' to each other. Their relationship feels more like a contemporary dysfunctional one rather than the first one in the new cosmos. One can even conclude that Atom and Erg are the Adam and Eve of Americana! There's even a speech about how democracy is good for everyone, and poor Atom has to listen to it just after he saves Erg from a snake bite.

Godlings will probably resonate with most readers. Unfortunately, for me, it is somewhat of a mixed bag. With its lack of compelling insight, it is like old wine in new wineskin.

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