Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Book review: 'The Divine Dance' by Richard Rohr w/ Mike Morrel

Richard Rohr is a Franciscan friar and teacher on the contemplative way of life. The first book I read that was written by him was Falling Upward—an astonishing read which I wholeheartedly recommend. In Divine Dance, Rohr, assisted by Mike Morrell, takes on the subject of the Trinity and what it means for humanity.

If creation is the result of a triune Creator, what are the implications? Too many theological works on the Trinity stress on ‘explaining’ the Godhead, defending it within the realm of logic, and hence missing out on the limitless consequences it has for creation as a whole. Rohr’s attempt is a fresh take on the subject. He focuses on the ‘dance’ between the members of the Godhead. He writes,

Whatever is going on in God is a flow, a radical relatedness, a perfect communion between Three—a circle dance of love.

The dance is unceasing; it has something to say about our relationships. Rohr introduces us to a beautiful artwork—a Russian icon portraying the three guests of Abraham. The three guests, or the Trinity, are seated and about to dine at a table. Quite surprisingly, there is a vacant place at the table—there is room for a fourth person. That person is creation itself. God is not content with a closed dance; he wants creation to join in! From here onwards, Fr. Rohr takes the reader on a journey unlike any other.

Rohr shatters our concept of a god detached from everything he created. He destroys, with meek and sincere charm, this god who is the ultimate critic and judger of mankind. He passionately reveals the triune God who is absolutely and unconditionally in love with creation. This Christ-like God is scandalous to our conditioned ‘dualistic’ minds, but yet so infectious that we are compelled to return his love. His love ‘flows’ unendingly (gasp!).

Nothing human can stop the flow of divine love; we cannot undo the eternal pattern even by our worst sin.

And if you believe there is anger and wrath in God, you know where that leaves you. Heresy, you say? The crucifixion says otherwise; and Rohr’s meditative words illustrates a God who is relentlessly loving and forgiving even when ‘crucified’ by our disconnectedness from his flow of love. This disconnectedness—this hyper individualism is what’s keeping us from experiencing the flow of the Godhead. Participation in this dance is just the kind of salvation we need; Fr. Rohr explains this effortlessly in page after page after page.

What Christianity needs today is a paradigm shift—something that will energize it out of its catatonic state. If the message in Divine Dance is taken seriously and sincerely, I believe nothing will ever be the same, and that includes our families, friendships, marriages, politics... everything! It is why I absolutely recommend this book to followers of Jesus everywhere.

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