Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Companionship of Jesus


Please pardon me for being a bit late but a Happy New Year to you nevertheless. May the year 2013 be full of glad tidings from our beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm mid-way through writing my book so please keep it in your prayers. Meanwhile here's a wonderful devotional I found out about the companion of Jesus. It's written by A.S. Gumbart.

Among the Dutch the rose was sometimes cultivated by planting an inferior rose close to a rose of superior quality. The rose of inferior quality was carefully watched and its anthers removed so as to avoid self-pollenization; the object being that it should be pollenized by the superior rose. Gradually the rose thus treated took upon itself the characteristics of the superior life of its companion.

This is indeed a beautiful illustration of the blessing that comes to the life that knows the companionship of Jesus. If our lives are pollenized, as it were, by His righteousness; if His life-transforming truth is received into the heart, and self be sacrificed to make room for the incoming of His superior life, it cannot be other than that gradually the life loses its own inferior characteristics and develops the characteristics of the blessed life of Him who is Himself the Rose of Sharon. O Lord, let my life receive the pollen of divine righteousness, that more and more I may become like my blessed Master.

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