Saturday, May 15, 2010


During World War II, In Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler was systematically murdering the entire Jewish race. No one in Germany dared to speak against him. Only a select few chose to stand up against Hitler for his crimes against humanity. Remember the time when Abraham asked the Lord if He found only one good man in Sodom would He still destroy it and the Lord answered no?

One of the few who stood against Hitler was a teenage girl, Sophie Scholl. Sophie Scholl knew about the concentration camps and the slaughter of the Jews. She knew that Hitler's plans were an act of evil against God. At a time when opposing the Nazis were considered almost instant death, she stood up for what was right. She decided to protest peacefully by distributing leaflets with her brothers and friends. The name of this peaceful movement was called "the White Rose."

If we, today, find out that our government was acting on the basis of evil what would we do? What kind of a decision should we make? Sophie Scholl was able to make her decision because of her faith in Christ and her firm belief in the resurrection of our Lord. And as a result she and her friends were executed. She died because she knew God loves all of us. A great dictator like Hitler could not recognize that.

Remember Jesus words:“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13).


  1. A courageous girl who deserves a monument dedicated to her memory and what she stood for.

  2. Are you sure she did it for the sake of god?
    or are you putting words in her mouth?

    1. Well she sure didn't do it for Islam, otherwise she would have been blowing people up taking hostages and then murdering them !!!

  3. Visiting Wikipedia yields this:

    "Her firm Christian belief in God and in every human being's essential dignity formed her basis for resisting Nazi ideology. This belief was foundational to her view of the world around her that fundamentally differed from the one expounded by National Socialism which was, by the time of her death, the only one approved or allowed within the Nazi State."

    Check it out for yourself if you'd like: