Saturday, December 5, 2009


This is for Muslim debaters who argue that the Bible is corrupted and the Koran is pure.

1. Before Mohammed invaded Macca., and almost half a century before his birth, there came king from Yemen invaded Macca to convert the grand temple into idol-less worshiping place, to spread monolithic religion of worshiping God. Somehow he was defeated. This event is reported in Quaran as follow. (Book 30:Aam, Chap As-habilfeel)

Do you not remember how we defeated the army of elephant when they came to destroy the grand temple of Macca. The small birds, bats carried small stones in their beaks. They dropped those stone on the head of elephant and God defeated them all.

One may wonder how can God change his mind in just half a century and Mohammed becomes successful invader of Macca.
(Walla-ho yalamoon) and God knows everything.

2. We all know, from the bible, of miracle "blind man getting his eye sight" due to Jesus. Jesus had also declared that that blind man was born blind so that he perform the miracle of giving eye sight to him.
Once in Mohammed's times some Christian told this Bible's story to a blind man. Therefore, that blind man was encouraged, for being his believer he had great hopes in Mohammed, and approached Mohammed for performing the miracle of "Blind man getting his eye sight" However contrary to his faith and hopes Mohammed ignored him and continued talking to a worshiper of idol in hopes of wining him to his side. Few days after this event the blind man reconverted into his old religion,

Sura: Aabasa came on Mohammed this a Chapter called "Aabasa:" in Book 30:Aam of Quran. where God is rebuking Mohammed for practicing discrimination.

Unfortunately that blind man was later beheaded by Mohammed's army when they captured Mecca. (Alla-ho-akbar)

Credit to Brother 'W' for this article

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