Sunday, February 3, 2008

Christianity in Comparison

The world we live in nowadays is a cosmopolitan world where interfaith dialogues are routine. This article is about the contrasting beliefs of Christianity and other religions. The three main religions in consideration are Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Mohammed was an Arab who founded the religion of Islam. His religion consists mostly of rules and regulations built for Moslems to abide. His teachings at first were rejected by Arabs, especially the people of Mecca. His loyal band of converts raised an army and Mohammed himself led an attack on Mecca. Most of his convertions happened through the sword and violence. This man introduced the Koran, the holy book of Islam, which contains discourses between him and Allah - the only deity of the Moslems.

... compared to Christianity
Islam contradicts with the teachings of Christ. While Mohammed claimed he was a prophet Christ claimed He was the Son of God. The message of Christ is peace, charity and forgiveness while Mohammed used armed means to get his religion spread. Christ's emphasis is more on the spiritual - focusing on a convert's complete inner transformation in faith. Mohammed barely mentions spirituality in his teachings.

Gautam Buddha founded the religion of Buddhism in northern India. He claimed to have gained "enlightenment" through meditation. Buddhism focuses on elimination of worldly desire but is atheistic in belief. It also claims that man can work his own salvation.

... compared to Christianity
Christ taught that no man can work his salvation. Only God can set a person free from sin and to gain salvation one only needs to believe and obey the Gospel of Christ Jesus. The crucifixion of Jesus paved the way of salvation.

This is a religion based on worship of earthly forms of supposed divine incarnations of God. There is a belief that God came in different forms to set various belief systems for mukti (liberation from sin). Worship of images are everywhere in Hinduism.

... compared to Christianity
Christ is the only manifestation of God and His way of salvation is final and complete. The Bible says God is not the author of confusion. God certainly did not establish different and contrasting paths to mukti. In Chirstianity worship must be done in spirit and not to images.

You cannot follow both Jesus and the world. You must make your decision. It's either Jesus or the world - which stands for Satan.