Friday, November 23, 2007


The following article was written by my brother Sumit Dasgupta.

Now there have been movies which blaspheme the name of Jesus. First it was Dan Brown's "The Da Vince Code" which show Jesus that he married Mary Magdalene and had descendants who are scattered in Europe. Then Harry Potter which promotes witchcraft is nowadays becoming more popular among young children. Then there's also rumors that the bones of Jesus have been found, but they were proved false later. Now a new movie is being released that claims Jesus travelled to India during the missing years of the Gospel (when Jesus was aged between 13 to 30). It shows that he learned many principals of Christianity from the Buddhists, etc. This movie is directed by Drew Heriot. Would anyone explain just how he found out about Jesus' travels to India? It seems he cooked up the story (most obviously). Anyway, nowadays most Hollywood movies are truly degrading Christianity's name by such false ideas about Christ. We should all keep in our prayers that Hollywood stops promoting such false images of Christ and help this generation to acknowledge true Christianity of the Bible.


In one of his lectures Dr. Zakir Naik, founder of the Islamic Research Foundation, stated that there was a contradiction in the Bible. He read from the book of Genesis about the appearance of vegetation before the creation of light. His point was that how could there be vegetation before light. Thus he concluded that the Bible is in error with science. Let me point out that Mr. Naik, founder of the IRF, actually thinks like an infant.
Sure... all of us know that vegetation requires light to take form. But let us all consider in what manner did creation occur. Did light just "appear" or did it travel in straight lines as Mr. Naik assumed. Is Zakir Naik correct in his presumption of light's paths at creation? I'll leave that answer to you because everyone know that light travels in particles.
But on the other hand doesn't the Koran say that with Allah anything is possible? According to Mr. Naik God "needs" light for vegetation to grow. If that were the case then would Mr. Naik care to explain the countless miracles in the Koran from a "scientific" point of view? Unlike Mr. Naik we, Christians, do not hold God's miracles in association with science because with God anything is indeed possible.
(credit to Bro. 'W' from Mumbai Church of Christ for this article)